Miracle fertility and home remedies

We have all heard about miraculous home remedies for fertility “My grandmother or my friend or my cousin made this and it worked for her” But… What is actually happening?

Today a girl came to see us, very worried because she said that she has not been able to get pregnant for a year and that she had already undergone several treatments. I immediately asked him what diagnosis did they give you?

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And she said: “No, look, it’s that a friend of mine had problems getting pregnant and she told me where to go to get a belly massage, drink fertile wine and inject me with some medicine, she did that and it worked for her.”

I asked her to tell me a little more… I see, ok… Please tell me, how long had she been trying to get pregnant?

“Well… she had already been married for 3 months and she couldn’t, she went to her massages and everything else and then later she got pregnant. I have been trying for more than a year now and I still can’t”. She answered me.

Before self-medicating or copying what worked for someone else, I want to explain the same thing that I explained to her.

Imagine that you have a dice, a normal 6-sided dice and that every month you have an opportunity to roll the dice and you have to get a 6 to get pregnant.

You throw it away and it’s totally natural that you don’t get a 6 the first time… However, there are many people who get desperate or scared if they don’t get pregnant the first time and then they start looking for a solution, the second month they go to massages and If they do not get pregnant in the third month, they spread oils or take some concoction and when they finally get pregnant in the 5th month they think that the home remedy helped them, when in fact most couples will get pregnant in less than 6 months. since they start trying.

Now… If you have been trying for 6 months without success, surely something is affecting your chances of getting pregnant and it is time to seek a medical solution.

You have to be careful because the real problem is not having a diagnosis… What happens if you somehow get medicine to stimulate your ovulation without being given a prescription or without having full studies done?… It happens that:

If the problem is the quality of the sperm, nothing will help you.

If the problem is a tubal obstruction, it won’t do you any good.

If the problem is that the egg is fertilized but does not implant well, it will be of no use to you.

and meanwhile you keep injecting yourself and every month you are forcing several eggs to mature and they are wasted and that in the long run brings real fertility complications.

That is why without studies for both and without a diagnosis, we cannot say that you are undergoing a treatment, you are really only trying home remedies.

The first step is always to have a diagnosis, even if it is difficult for you to come for tests, at creafam.com we have a self-diagnosis tool to identify which of the 6 fertility indicators is causing problems and we also have a virtual consultation for video call to explain what studies you should do or review the results you already have and solve the problem little by little.

Remember that the first step to have a fulfilled dream is the correct diagnosis.

“In the end, home remedies are really neither good nor bad… What is bad is thinking that there was a fertility problem when in reality it was just having a little patience.”

Dr. Arturo Valdés
Dr. Arturo Valdés
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