Why have an In Vitro in Mexico?

Modern technology has allowed humanity to be more interconnected than ever. Consider that just a few years ago making an international call was possible, but very expensive, while today we can have a high definition video conference, exchanging information and documents instantly through virtually zero cost.

This allows us to offer international In Vitro Fertilization packages, with better prices and higher success rates.

Would you like to know us in a more personal way?

Click and watch our anniversary video, we’ve achieved #15 Years #CreatingFamilies come to Mexico and achieve your pregnancy.

Please note that it’s a bit hard to remake all our videos in english, but the video has english subtitles. We do speak english at our clinics and during virtual consultations.

What is done in your country?

To make the most of your time, there are things that can be done prior to your arrival:

Through Zoom or Skype we can learn more about your case, review any studies you have already carried out and coordinate your arrival in Mexico.

If we notice that it is necessary to carry out a study or take any medication, we will tell you exactly what to request in a laboratory or clinic near you.

Did you know that you do not need a VISA to come to Mexico? In any case, we can help you with a letter so that you present it at your embassy and make it easier for you to process the passport or necessary documentation.

What do we do in Mexico?

Our main focus is the IVF… But we also want you to enjoy yourself and get to know our country.

We extract the mature eggs and combine them with the sperm to begin fertilization, so that in just 5 days we will have embryos ready for transfer.

We may not be a travel agency, but we have contact with the best hotels and tourist attractions so that you can distract yourself and enjoy your stay, from one to four weeks.

Remember that we can transfer one or two embryos at no additional cost!

Learn about our Medical Tourism Packages for IVF

Virtual consultation

$40 USD
  • Just pick a date and time
  • Payment via Paypal

Basic IVF

$12,500 USD
  • In vitro fertilization
  • Stay in Mexico for a week
  • You can choose to have twins at no additional cost

Genetic IVF

$17,500 USD
  • Basic IVF plus…
  • Rule out genetic diseases
  • Gender selection (optional)

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Do you want to improve your chances of success?

Are you going to have an IVF in Mexico or anywhere else? or are you already undergoing fertility treatment? Surely you have many doubts or want to improve your chances of success with In Vitro Fertilization, there are many details that can ruin a treatment… Watch our video with specific recommendations to achieve success and then continue reading this page to learn more.

Please note that it’s a bit hard to remake all our videos in english, but the video has english subtitles. We do speak english at our clinics and during virtual consultations.

The most complete, at the best price

Our packages are all inclusive

If you are quoting an IVF in Mexico or in your country, ask whether the price includes basic studies, medications, procedures for both, up to 5 days of embryo incubation, transfer and pregnancy test… And if they plan to use their own or someone else’s eggs and semen.

*Prices are approximate, may vary slightly and cannot be combined with other promotions.

Up to 12 months without interest

Ask about participating cards at your local clinic, we also offer cash plans for up to 4 months.

Don’t you have multi-tries?

Many clinics profit from multi-attempt packages with conditions such as payment in advance for all attempts, obligation to attend the clinic for a daily injection, and accepting the use of donated sperm, eggs, and even embryos.

Thanks to our experience and protocols, we can choose the best embryos, which is why at Creafam most achieve a pregnancy with their own eggs and sperm on the first try.

What additional options are there?

Our packages include everything a couple needs, but additionally you can request:

Monitoring with Primo Vision. FISH sperm genetic diagnosis. Donated eggs, sperm or embryos. ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection).

Can I modify my stay?

Of course! If you wish, we can put together a custom package for you, alone, as a couple or with more companions.

Must I take my prenatal care with you?

Many of our patients are recommended by external doctors and when they achieve their pregnancy they return to their trusted gynecologist. No patient is obliged to take their maternal control with us, but we can offer packages for pregnancy and childbirth care.

But my tubes are tied and I’m over 40

Even after surgery, or years without a diagnosis, being over 40 years old or if you have already been told that you will not be able to get pregnant, being a mother is possible, we share this video with you so that you can learn a little more.

Please note that it’s a bit hard to remake all our videos in english, but the video has english subtitles. We do speak english at our clinics and during virtual consultations.

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Finally, we want to share a few testimonials

Pregnant at the first try, and with fibroids!

We want to thank María for sharing her testimony via Zoom, they had been looking for a pregnancy for 10 years, in the United States her doctors wanted to remove the womb due to fibroids and after a failed In Vitro Fertilization or IVF, she decided to come to Mexico, here she didn’t only got to preserve her uterus, she got pregnant! and was able to walk around Puebla and its surroundings for 3 weeks… For much less than what her first treatment in the US cost her!

Testimony our before giving birth!

Patricia shares with us how it feels to wake up from a accomplished dream… “Every time I wake up I have to remind myself… Oh, that’s right, I’m pregnant!” and how the warmth of the Creafam team helped her feel like family and accompanied throughout the entire process.

What if I only want my fibroids removed?

We are very grateful for the confidence and courage of Midian, who tells us about her experience first looking for options in the United States, where they wanted to remove her uterus and how she arrived at Creafam, she had surgery a few days ago, and will soon fly back to the US.

We also have a video of the surgery at: https://youtu.be/mGljuc2eA3Y

Do you need more information?

Schedule and appointment or visit our channel: Youtube.com/CreafamClinicas