Autodiagnóstico de Fertilidad

Creafam Self-Diagnosis

In our fertility clinics in Puebla and Veracruz we receive patients who were misdiagnosed, from the first consultation we can discover the errors in the previous diagnosis and treatment, unfortunately for many, the damage is already done.

We have created a self-diagnosis tool that will help you have a clearer idea of what may be happening. You can save and print your results and bring them for your first consultation, or share them with your current doctor.

Clínicas de Fertilidad en Puebla y Veracruz

Our Services

In our fertility clinics we attend to all areas related to the reproductive health and well-being of women at every stage of their lives.

Clínicas de Fertilidad en Puebla
Clínicas de Fertilidad en Veracruz
Gender selection
Fertility preservation
Maternal Fetal Medicine
Gynecologic Oncology
Clínicas de Fertilidad en Veracruz
Clinical analysis
Surgical treatments
Clínicas de Fertilidad en Puebla
Psychological couseling
Courses and Workshops

In their fertility clinics you get a lot of confidence, they make you feel like you are not just a patient, you are a family with a dream, that why we decided to come and fullfill our dreams.

Aguilar Morales Family

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The history behind our fertility clinics

10 years making dreams come true.

Meet the team

In order to offer comprehensive care a team of specialists committed with you is needed:

Dr. Arturo Valdés Carrillo
Dr. Arturo Valdés CarrilloMedical Director
Head Associate of the Mexican Association for Reproductive Medicine.
VP. of the Fertility Counsel in Puebla.
Dr. Otto Paredes Guiñan
Dr. Otto Paredes GuiñanAssisted Reproduction
Reproductive medicine and Gynecologic endocrinology
Valencian Institute of Fertility, Spain.
Dr. Carlos Mosalve Flores
Dr. Carlos Mosalve FloresPerinatology
Maternal fetal medicine, invasive techniques and obstetric ecography
La Fe College Hospital, Valencia, Spain.
Dr. Claudia Cortés Pineda
Dr. Claudia Cortés PinedaAnesthesiology and ambulatory surgery
Certified by the Mexican Counsel of Anesthesiology.
Biólogist Luis Angel Machorro
Biólogist Luis Angel MachorroAndrology
Egg and embryo vitrification at the Mexican Institute of Infertility.
Dr. Carlos Cortés García
Dr. Carlos Cortés GarcíaOncologic Gynecology
Subespeciality in Oncologic Surgery.
Oncology Hospital at the “XXI Century” Mexican National Center.
Lic. Reyna Treviño
Lic. Reyna TreviñoManager
Psychologist, Justo Sierra College Cultural Center.
Lic. Abigail Méndez Pineda
Lic. Abigail Méndez PinedaManager at Veracruz
Bachelor in Tourism Management, Center of Research and College Studies for Development.
Lic. Fanny Valdés Carrillo
Lic. Fanny Valdés CarrilloAssistant Manager
Máster in Information Technologies, Monterrey Institute of Technology.
Q.F.B Maricruz Díaz R.
Q.F.B Maricruz Díaz R.General Laboratory
Berenice Venus Campos H.
Berenice Venus Campos H.Patient Service
Maythe Pilotzi
Maythe PilotziRecepcionist
Nurse Alicia Huesca V.
Nurse Alicia Huesca V.Chief Nurse
Nurse Michel Sepulveda R.
Nurse Michel Sepulveda R.Nurse
Reyna Ma. del Socorro
Reyna Ma. del SocorroCleaning Chief