Benefits of taking a birth preparation course

We want all our mothers to face the day of birth in the most natural and calm way.

At Creafam, we have designed a birth preparation course in which we take into consideration the needs of any pregnant woman, in addition to providing our users with a familiar place to learn and develop strategies to cope with the changes of pregnancy.

Our course consists of eight classes in which we see different topics related to changes during pregnancy, as well as specific topics such as childbirth and caesarean section, which are facilitated by two of our doctors, nutrition during pregnancy and lactation, with our nutritionist, neonatology and baby care with our pediatrician, sexuality and postpartum depression with our psychologist, among others. We also hold group meetings after the birth to share experiences and solve new doubts.

If you are considering attending a prenatal course, and you are still not convinced, consider these benefits:

  • If you have fears and doubts, you can discuss them with a specialist and with other women and men in your same situation.

  • You will know the changes and care that you must have when you are expecting and after the birth of the baby.

  • You will know the stages of birth, whether by delivery or humanized cesarean section.

  • The more they know, the calmer or calmer they will be.

  • Breathing exercises and techniques will help you manage labor pains more effectively.

  • You gain more confidence and security, because by knowing what is happening in your body and by having people who are willing to answer your questions, you feel more relaxed and motivated.

  • By losing your fears, you develop a more beautiful relationship with your baby.

  • When the father of the whole course participates, a greater sense of bonding develops in the couple. Fathers who attend prenatal courses tend to have a closer relationship with their children and feel greater empathy with the mother, as they are prepared for changes during pregnancy and after birth.

“If you are interested, contact us. It has a cost for external users, with a promotion for Creafam patients”

Dr. Carlos Monsalve
Dr. Carlos Monsalve
Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics
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