Embolization in Guadalajara did not work

We thank Janet for her courage and confidence as she shares her testimony: In Guadalajara she had an embolization that did not work and 6 doctors told her that they should remove her uterus, fortunately #SaberEsPoder and her mother shared one of our videos with her, today she fulfilled the dream of preserving her uterus and feels excellent.

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What’s up good morning. Here again, talking a little about issues of myomectomies and surgery and bleeding, today a patient who we operated on on October 19 is going to contact us via Zoom, she is from Jalisco over there in Zapopan but we operated on her and she is very happy

She initially contacted us because she had already had an embolization done but she was only fine for 10 months and then she returned with heavy bleeding, anemia, hemorrhages, pain, distension and then she contacted us because her mother told her about the page or she saw the video, one of ours on YouTube. Her mother is in Hermosillo and contacted her in Guadalajara and told her to get in touch, so we want to share this testimonial with you so that you can see and know and also know that if you are in that same situation we can help you.

Janet's testimony

– Hello, hello, good afternoon.

– Good afternoon! How are you? how are they?

– Very good, I feel renewed.

– Excellent! Thank you very much for the interview, the truth is that doing this type of testimonials a little bit gives more credibility and more confidence to the patients. You who come from Guadalajara and visited us, well, I would like you to talk to us a little bit. How do you feel? Did you find out about Creafam? About how long have you been dealing with your problem? And after we had the first interview when you came, what did you think of everything? I mean since you arrived, how you felt in Puebla, how you felt in Creafam and obviously the alteration you had from the fibroid and the bleeding, well now how that has changed, right?

– I had an embolization as you already know and it worked for 10 months… Why? I don’t know, no, I don’t have the medical knowledge, I haven’t investigated why it didn’t work for me, I’m not saying it doesn’t work, but for 10 months I was very well, I went up to 11 hemoglobin but I relapsed, I relapsed very, very, very ugly. My symptoms worsened, I don’t know the reason, but I started bleeding for 23 days, 27 days was the longest I lasted, I rested for a week and menstruated again. So my mother, as my confidant, had knowledge and she was the one who sent me the link to your videos, from the Creafam clinic and it was enough for me to watch five or six videos, I identified with one of them and they motivated me, listening to the testimonials of the women that you operated on and a guess, it was a Monday, let’s say, it was Monday that I saw that my mother sent me the information… On Tuesday I spoke, the team’s response was very fast and for another week, I practically already had This is my appointment there with you for the operation.

– It is very common because at the end of the day, if the fibroid is very large, then if certain small vessels are cauterized, but the collateral vessels that nourish the fibroid, they cause the fibroid to gain strength again and continue to grow or cause problems, as you say. You of hemorrhages, which is one of the most critical issues in the symptomatology of fibroids. But thank you because, as I say, we also started a little during the pandemic with the videos and we have been trying to perfect the issue that you mention, which makes me very happy when you speak well of my staff, because yes, I I am the surgical one, I am the doctor who operates but if it is not surrounded by that general environment that makes you feel comfortable, that the response is quick, that the information is truthful and that it is agile, then the patient can also become desperate or You may start to say “Ah, well, I don’t like this.” Right? Now… The fact that we saw you the first time was also an interview like we are right now via Zoom I think, right?

– Women who already have certain very marked conditions are already desperate and want a quick solution and Creafam offered it to me. Well, thanks to my mom, right? She did me the favor of sending me this and she tells me, How do you see? She tells me, Let’s go to Puebla! and I said “Let’s go!” She couldn’t accompany me, my husband accompanied me but my friends, my close social circle told me, Why even Puebla? I mean, if Guadalajara also has many good doctors… Why? Because it is difficult, I had already knocked on many doors before arriving at your operating room, Dr. Valdés, I had already knocked on many doors, I consulted literally 6 doctors! and all 6 of them wanted to remove my womb! The 6 did not offer me a solution.

Certainly I don’t want to have more children, if they come then that’s good but when I heard in your words that there were older women who wanted to have children, who wanted to keep their womb… That’s it I said! In fact, I heard a testimony from one of your patients, where the girl says: “Have you really had surgery?” Because everything happened too fast. I had thought that they were going to hospitalize me, I don’t know, and that I was going to spend 3, 4 hours waiting to enter the operating room and I remember that I went through the operating room to do some tests and that part of your team told me: “Ah, look. Right now you’re still in the operating room” and I, what!? He’s joking. And literally, it was very fast, the warmth from the girls who did some tests on me… Because you wanted to make sure how much hemoglobin I had to decide if you could, if you had to transfuse me with blood, I liked that, it gave me a lot of confidence In other words, you did not rely on the analyzes that you had previously requested from me but on the fact that you wanted to make sure that I was in optimal condition to enter the operating room. That gave me a lot of peace, a lot of calm, followed, as I said, by the girls who They canalized me, they couldn’t find my veins, I was very nervous, the anesthesiologist arrived and sat down with me, she asked me what I preferred… It could be the anesthesia, she told me, what do you think of sitting or lying down? And I eat? I mean, is there something to choose from? And this, I already told him: No, lying down I feel more comfortable. Perfect, 15 more minutes and I was already in the operating room. Okay, it was worth it, it was worth taking the road, it was worth it, it is not an excessive cost, the truth is that it is within reach of any pocket, it is worth having passed because it was very fast and the result is this, which right now feel…

I can testify that on the third day, which was my first day in the hotel after recovery, after surgery, I felt totally different. I woke up and no, I don’t know what it has to do with it… I could literally breathe deeply, the medical term because you know it, I am giving you my testimony, I literally could sleep, I could rest, my brain rested, I felt the difference very quickly , possibly because of the globular packages that you gave me, but now it lasted, that is, until now I feel completely renewed and my recovery was very fast. Yes, there were discomforts, a little pain, maybe because of the road because I returned very soon, but here I am. I feel strength, which was something I had been trying to feel for many years.

– Yes, look, that point you touch on is very important because with this fibroid issue I have observed that many women, and you mentioned it, get used to living with this condition and think that it is something they have to endure or that it is normal. , that is to say “Ah, I feel a little tired, suddenly I feel short of breath or suddenly it hurts a little, wow I’m really annoyed because my period lasted 12 days but well no way, I’m already used to it and no way, I’m still living like this” And the reality is that it is not good and it is not normal and much less healthy, right? Because as I tell you: Anemia is a condition that is stealthy, it is slow but it also deteriorates the body and also fatigues and inflames our entire organism, so the most important thing for a woman is to try to solve the problem by removing the uterus or not. … I really believe that we are very Pro-Utero because of the fact that Creafam, well, it is an assisted reproduction clinic and we focus a lot on creating families, on generating babies.

– I would like to touch on 2 points doctor if you allow me, and the first is: I had my draft and I want to tell this message to women… And it was that: Reaffirm what it says… It is not normal! And I said, I have to tell women, husbands, brothers, fathers because I believe that statistics say, correct me if I’m wrong, that 2 out of every 3 women suffer from fibroids. Is that correct? No, more or less it’s 3 out of 10, more or less, 3 out of 10. Ah, ok, ok I was wrong, so imagine it even like that! The population is very large and many, I think, reach old age and never realized why. Why did I feel fatigued? Why did I get that laziness, that heaviness after eating? And I really liked Creafam’s slogan because it says “Dreams come true” and it’s not always about having a family, I already have 2 children, my dream was to be able to feel good and full, with only energy… And I eat well and I exercised and I couldn’t do it, it didn’t last but here another point that many women are going to identify with and they are not going to let me lie is that, the medical term, well, you will explain it in some of your videos, but I managed lose weight and I couldn’t keep it off, possibly due to anemia, so even though I ate well, even though I exercised, I was always fatigued, my muscles were not oxygenated, I forgot things and it was always bad and that’s what, fibroids.

– If it is a little quality of life, then again, as I say, I thank you, Janet, for giving us this space and this time for interviews, because as I tell the patient: Sometimes a testimony informs more than 10 videos that I upload of surgeries. , we do too many myometomies, I think that sometimes it even results in uploading videos, I really like uploading videos because it is part of what I am most passionate about, which is myomectomy and surgery, but it is true that the testimonial is that you see in a patient their personal experience and say nothing Oh, look, I’m the same and I want to look like you after surgery! Because in the end, as you say, it is true that it changes your character, it changes your mood, it changes your daily life and your ability in all physical aspects and concentration and everything for daily life, so it’s good that you were able to interview you with us, it’s great that you came with Creafam, the truth is that we always say that the more we grow in this surgery, the more we are committed, but each time we learn a little more about… Not about the surgical, but about the pampering the patient, we are already finding the exact point of how we need to treat them before they arrive, how we need to treat them when they are in surgery and how we need to do subsequent follow-up, because that is also very important, not How did you continue? How are you? How do you feel? and as I sometimes say to the patients I have operated on from outside of Mexico is: Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try to keep following up.

-And where does the doctor who operated on you have the humility or take the time to ask you by message or to tell you if you feel bad or something, contact me? Honestly, my gratitude to you doctor and to your entire team.

– Well, thank you very much Janet and we hope that you stop by since you are visiting Puebla because I think you missed some things to know and obviously…

– Yes, I wanted to go sightseeing.

– Well, don’t miss it, take advantage of some time there, let us know, we have agreements with the hotels, even if you don’t come as a patient, we can help you in that aspect of making it cheaper, more accessible and we also have someone who can give you the tours and give you an orientation of all the food that is here in Puebla that is excellent, I am a professional eater, so I can tell you where you can go to the best places.

– Yes, well you already know, right friends? If you feel tired, fatigued, if your hair is falling out, if you can’t lose weight, Creafam has the solution! I know that not everything can be a product of fibroids, but I am very grateful that it was there and well I feel, I am feeling full, I had not felt like this for many years to be honest and well my thanks again doctor, for you and for your team.

– Thank you very much, greetings and I hope to see you here soon.

You already noticed, in the videos we have uploaded there are very large fibroids, we have lost 3, 4 kilos and sometimes without anemia. This patient really only had a 7 centimeter intramural submucosal fibroid, it was already calcified due to what they did with the embolization, but it caused significant bleeding and also anemia, so the size is sometimes not important enough for there to be anemia, this patient She had hemorrhages despite a small fibroid, but the important thing is that six doctors had told her that they were going to remove her uterus and, well, no, the patient had surgery, she preserved her uterus, she no longer has hemorrhages, she no longer has anemia. and continues with her uterus and obviously her ovaries. So, call us, come, see our page, we have medical tourism, the first consultation can be virtual and come here to Creafam.

Embolizations temporarily reduce the growth of the fibroid, but there is always some artery that, no matter how tiny, begins to grow and feed the fibroid again.

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