Fertility, egg donation and a testimony of love

Vero shares her beautiful story with us, from the diagnosis of infertility, to the arrival of her beautiful daughter, always in the company of Dr. Otto Paredes and Dr. Carlos Monsalve. Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of this dream come true!

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Hello, today we are going to introduce you to a very special patient, very loved here at Creafam, who had the opportunity to go through the entire path, from diagnosis, fertility treatment and finally made the decision to continue with us until she saw the birth of your baby.

We want to thank Verónica for wanting to share her testimony with you, it is an experience that can surely support or help other patients make decisions regarding their reproductive life. Veronica, thank you very much for being with us. Thank you very much for allowing me to be here and share my experience.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and egg donation

I remember that you arrived with a little fear, a lot of doubts, you had time looking for a pregnancy, failed attempts and well, you finally made the decision to go to Creafam.

One is definitely not prepared to be told that one is not going to be able to have a family by oneself, definitely, neither morally nor economically one is ready to hear those words. After several attempts, even having an apparently healthy life, I realized that I needed help, I also realized, thank God, that in Puebla there are excellent options and due to the success of a well-known person close to me, I fell into the hands of the Creafam team.

I remember that when we attended to Vero, we presented her with options, it is our way of approaching things, there are many details or many factors that can influence infertility: Age, physical problems, in short many things and at the time we presented her with I see two options: Follow the path of in vitro fertilization based on your age with your own eggs versus the alternative treatment of donated eggs. So each technique has its implications both in expectations of success, a little the economic factor but above all the decision: Try it one way or another and on that basis we begin the journey.

The desire to be a mother and father, my husband too, was very great. Being at an age in which we thought it was ideal, we arrived here, already knowing that we had a difficulty. An assessment is made and I am presented with the two alternatives that the doctor mentions and that is how at the time and for a personal matter, we took the one that gave us the least possibilities to exhaust that instance, unfortunately it was not possible and we subsequently opted for the second option, which is egg donation, and on the first attempt we had the joy of already waiting for our daughter. – I would just like to take advantage… Suddenly they ask a lot about egg donation, if the child does look alike, if he doesn’t – That worries me terribly and I remember that one of the last talks I I had with Dr. Otto prior to the transfer was that, when I told him we were going to go for egg donation and I think that instead of arriving happy, I arrived more worried than happy… No, I spilled a quantity of tears in front of him tremendous. And I think that was one of the ones that… touched my heart the most at one point.

I always thought that my daughter, my son, was going to have something from me and he told me, no, he is going to have your attitude, he is going to have your behavior, you are going to shape him. He may also be able to practice a sport like you. She tells me but don’t worry, we are going to make sure that if she looks alike and yes, if she does, it scares me, both physically and personally, I say, I think there are things that she doesn’t have to know, right? But she already had them integrated and yes, my mom says that it reminds her a lot of when I was her size. Yes, it’s tremendous, I think the Creafam babies here bring a very special chip too. And yes… If it is worrying, I think that absurdly when one does not know what one is exposed to with a treatment like this it is the first thing one thinks about when in reality it is the last thing one should be considering. If the truth is that the important point that I always mention to patients in consultation is: Do not lose sight of what your objective is, if your fundamental objective is to be a mother then sometimes you have to make decisions. No, and if it came from here, I know it did. No, no, no, of course! He looks a lot like Rafael, I mean everyone tells me that they practically used me as a printer, but mine in attitude, my mother says: Well, you did that.

But how interesting because look: If we go clearly to the biological point: That fear that other patients like you mention have, physically he looks like the father and you say, well it would have logic, genetic exchange, etc. But there is that other part: The behavior, the attitude, how he moves so he looks like you. Yes there are inexplicable things there, but yes definitely. There are… Details that I think she would not have to “copy” so to speak, but she has them. Those kinds of issues really concern us, as long as we embrace what we embrace every day… No, we didn’t really care.

I mean, and there is going to be a moment in which I would like my daughter to tell her how she came to be, I don’t feel that this is something that I should hide from her, that is, yes, if she was born from me, if she grew up inside of me. I have many photos, I have many videos, now there are going to be more videos and honestly, I… I don’t have any major objection to it, I will ask for advice in due course to know how to explain it to you. – As the strategy to communicate –

But I do consider that that is something that I can tell her, especially so that she understands that her father and I wanted to have him so much with us who look for even the slightest alternative to carry out and came to completely rethink our life and if at any time you doubt the love that it… It generates in us, I go at that moment, start looking for that which I I’m going to need to explain everything to her, I’m going to do it without any problem, so that it’s perfectly clear to her, and I think that if there’s any person I’m worried about who should understand it, it’s her, no one else at all. – Good I congratulate you –

And sorry, but that’s a joke. – Yes, it’s a photo! –

And later I was thinking, there is God… It’s José.

Yeah! We are going to make an approach so that you can get to know María José better.

Maternal care, childbirth and humanized cesarean section

Here we are with Vero, and we thank her infinitely for always supporting us, because it is also a support that she gives us, the recognition that she is giving us as a clinic, as doctors, as people, so we thank Vero very much. The experience you had with us, well, at first it was a fertility issue with Dr. Otto, then I took charge, he gave us the opportunity to continue observing, the development of the entire pregnancy and we were monitoring the pregnancy, that everything was really perfect.

As a detail, the only thing she has is that in the last trimester her baby began to have a delay in growth, that is why she says that her little girl was born small because she had a growth delay as a result of the placenta that no longer had the same functioning, so in the end what we start to do is see it more and more often. If we have to see him every week or every third day or daily, we were doing so up to the point where we considered that it was enough for maturity and that it was the best time for his baby to be born, who was born weighing around 1,800 kg, but with an adequate term, where he did not even need an incubator, then that is the purpose of having good obstetric control and thank you for trusting us to be able to say it is time for him to be born because he cannot be there any longer in there and that’s how it was, she gave us that opportunity, I trust our medical decisions and to date she has a baby who is a year and a half old, perfectly healthy.

I remember her words very well: “She is little” -Yes, when she was going to be born-

I remember perfectly well the last weight she gave me here and when she was born and I still remember her saying to me: Do you see? -She’s small… But she was very good-

Yes, and apart from three months, you told me “Here we have a beautiful girl.” I say doctor, but… Is it possible after just three months? and you told me “I have the experience to be able to say.” And he explained to me, I didn’t understand him, but he explained to me and after 3 months I already knew it was a girl And it was a girl and he told me… The most impressive thing for me was when he told me “It’s going to weigh so much” because he sees that you I stopped… It started to not grow and I started to bloat, so protein and so on to make it grow, but I think that maybe that helped to keep it from getting smaller and he told me “It’s going to weigh so much!” Mother of God! It was what it weighed! – But healthy, mature –

Not perfect. I think that as much as the injections that you gave me before hurt me, I ended up praying a rosary – For your baby’s lung maturity –

Well, she was born weighing less than 2 kilos. Yes, she weighed. How much did she weigh? About 1800-1875-But she didn’t need an incubator-

No, she needed absolutely nothing, but nothing. – And to date very healthy –

Yes, she has not gotten sick from anything, plus I think they put us with a very good pediatrician-Yes, Dr. Christopher Bello, our neonatologist-

She hasn’t gotten sick from anything, she already has almost all of her teeth. Everything they gave me here before – It served you, it helped you – I have a very strong baby – And your pregnancy control, was it what you expected? – Yes – Let it be explained to you, telling you the studies –

The precision scared me, the precision scared me – You were always well informed about what was happening – Totally – That’s what it’s about –

There was never the slightest doubt in my mind, neither in me, nor in my husband, that although he did not come with me – Aha, your mother came more –

I explained to her, she called me and I will always be very struck by the precision of the data that you gave me. The situation with Dr. Otto was related to her reaching my womb – To get it – But what you told me afterwards, for me it was very, very striking because it was exactly – What was happening –

What was happening and we have the whole record, I always explained to my husband afterwards with the videos, what they had just told me at the appointment, because besides, this folder was wonderful, where they were putting me, then me I forgot, I brought it and they updated me on it, but the video situation was tremendous. We’ve had him since he was a little shrimp. – You will be able to show it to your baby when he is older, you will be able to explain everything that was seen. –

Yes, yes, and as I told Dr. Otto a while ago, I am going to want to explain to her from beginning to end everything we had to do… Not to reproach her, not to want to draw her attention too much, but to Let her know the love with which… With which we searched for her and with which they helped us get here and it is something that is also of special mention, one sees a thousand and one videos on the internet, a thousand and one comments. I don’t know if that day he remembers that I told him “Hey doctor, I saw a video on YouTube where they take the baby out in 20 minutes” And he told me “Ah, but those are like the incisions that are emergency” And now He explained it to me, but we go layer by layer. It’s like… that day I took class! And for me that day was very nice, because also listening to other types of experiences that one would not have to hear before, one arrives with more fear than one should. And, I was very struck by the fact that everything was very calm, everything She was very pleasant, the only one worried was Dr. Cortés about my pressure and I remember that when Dr. Claudia sat me down and began to explain the position I should take, I asked, “And where is Dr. Monsalve?” Because he was next on the list. “Here I am” and I was in the back filling out the table – Yes, the instructions, exactly – And I asked, right now when you are going to give me the injection, can my husband come hold my hand? and he told me no, he comes in later with Dr. Bello… But here comes Dr. Otto! And Dr. Otto was the one who held me up!

I think it was the only moment in which maybe I could really be worried, when the issue of “You’re not going to feel anything from the waist down” was coming up. But everyone was there and as I told my husband, Now with the baby out, it is not the only service that they can offer me here and that is why my subsequent check-up is going to be here – Here we take it –

Why look elsewhere? Honestly no, there would be no way – No, thank you very much – And yes, whenever someone asks me, I will be very happy. Thank you very much, my baby was born in somewhat complicated circumstances, so to speak, due to the timing, personally it was when he was supposed to arrive, we did not have a pandemic involved, but although he had that small detail at the end, my baby has perfect development today and that is something that makes me confirm that the decision we made to be here and to stay here was the best.

Thank you very much, always. – Thank you very much – Thank you very much.

“Epigenetics helps us understand how it is possible for the embryo to receive a strong influence from when it is in the womb, modifying the level of activity of various genes to resemble the mother, but also the attitude, behavior, even the way of moving. “You learn directly from your parents.”

Dr. Otto Paredes
Dr. Otto Paredes
Fertility Expert

Reproductive medicine and gynecological endocrinology
Instituto Valenciano de Infertilidad, Spain.

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