Fertility nurses are your allies

A labor of love.

There is something brilliant about nurses, it is their ability to adapt to different areas of medicine, preserving the characteristics of humanity and enjoyment in health work, which has always made them so necessary. His closeness and sensitivity have been the hallmark and characteristic of a work that transcends places, people and times.

In the area of assisted reproduction, your presence and warmth is as necessary as it is in any other area. That proximity and patience to teach the application of medicines, clarify doubts when the words do not finish entering the brain, that professional and close touch that only they know how to give, allows this area to maintain humanity and dignity, when something so Desired as it is to get a family, it seems so far away.

We decided to interview the nurses with the longest tradition at Creafam, those who, after more than six years of seeing patients every day, know what they are talking about. We asked them what they would say to patients coming to our center for the first time:

Trust in the medical team and other personnel. Consistency, clarify your doubts, however minimal they may be.

Having a positive attitude and the confidence that it will work and that the result will be successful. You should not give up until you achieve your goal. Also knowing that when you arrive at Creafam, you are in the right place.

They are the same ones that your body generates, only in higher doses to obtain a greater number of ovules than in a natural cycle.

Their used in assisted reproduction is aimed at ovarian stimulation, they induce the multiple development of follicles. They are subcutaneous injections that must be administered correctly.

It consists of preparing the endometrium as well as the ovaries to make the follicles grow. It is important to give an adequate and clear explanation in the preparation and administration of each medication. Inform the patient about the importance of her stimulation sheet, since it explains the doses and days of administration. If they have doubts, they should call the clinic to avoid inappropriate administration of the medication.

These are the indications provided by the doctor in writing with the application doses per day according to the treatment required by the patient. Emphasis is placed on following the indications correctly, taking care of the temperature of the hormones, it is also important that the patient remembers that if she has any questions she can always call for guidance.

From the first visit, a trusting nurse-patient relationship is established. The role of the nurse is considered as an educator, care provider and collaborator with the entire team involved in fertility treatment. Her presence is important in helping them navigate the treatment experience leading up to pregnancy.

Clarify the patient’s doubts regarding the administration of the medication, as well as any doubts that arise when preparing to carry out a study.

Laboratory results previously reviewed by the doctor, medication schemes, their preparation and application.

Adequate facilities, trained personnel, professional ethics, quality and warmth.

Warmth and experience in her staff, professionalism, high-tech equipment, adequate facilities, good atmosphere.

With these characteristics they will have the confidence to start their treatment without hesitating to postpone it for a longer time.

When a patient arrives at a fertility clinic for the first time, she always leaves with the first impression, be it the facilities, the staff, the doctors. It is important how they are cared for, the information that is given to them, so that they have confidence and thus feel that they will be successful.

“Thank you for all the trust and for allowing us to be part of your story”

Rn. Michelle Sepulveda
Rn. Michelle Sepulveda
Registered Nurse