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Follicular study: Epigenetics and health test to discover your risk factors

In past videos we have already explained how in cases of egg donation, the uterus has a strong influence to activate or deactivate certain genes in the future baby, but… Did you know that with your hair follicles we can analyze how epigenetics influences you? Well #KnowledgeIsSuccess and Dr. Erika Ramos, expert in Metabolic and Thyroid Diseases, explains everything to us about it.

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Hello, good afternoon. We already have some videos on the Internet that tell us about epigenetics, which is a science that, well, in the videos we have, they are more applied to fertility. I want to tell you what other uses we can give to epigenetics, it is defined as the science that studies the factors that influence the expression or not of our genes. We know that our genes are exactly the same from the moment we are born until we die. But what can influence them? Today I want to expand this information further because remember that Knowledge Is Success.

What you didn't know about epigenetics

Epigenetics is the science that will tell us about the factors that influence the expression or not of our genes. Genes are the same from the moment we are born until we die, but what can make them expressed or not? Expressing myself means, for example, whether or not we develop some disease or some characteristic.

These factors are: Diet, the nutrients we obtain from food; the environment, pollutants such as heavy metals, chemicals and hydrocarbons, and these also have a very important influence on the health of our intestine; the microbiome, what lives in our intestine. There is a lot of talk about the waves that the cell phone can radiate, well not everyone absorbs this type of energy in the same way, just like television screens, what is the computer screen, so we will tell you all of this. We tell you how it influences you.

The development or not of diseases, for example degenerative diseases such as cancer, hypertension, these diseases may not develop according to our diet and the external factors that we expose ourselves to, for example in families where not all siblings develop a disease, it may be that Hey, of 6 brothers, 4 are exposed or not to what they are, for example, they live near a river that is very polluted. These brothers can develop serious diseases, for example degenerative diseases of the central nervous system, the other brother who went to live in the countryside will be completely healthy without a predisposition in terms of epigenetic factors to develop diseases.

The example of people who already had cancer, that is, they already have a diagnosis, we already know why they developed it, for example lung cancer, well, the patient smoked and well, we already know what it was, let’s say the factor that most influenced the development of cancer.

For the patient who already has cancer, we can also do it because if the patient with cancer continues doing the same thing that led him to develop the disease, then at some point he will relapse, that is why we have so many relapses because if we continue with the same diet , the same lifestyle because we are going to relapse at some point. So, it is both to prevent or even the patient who already has cancer we can help him cope better with his treatment because if he is well nourished.

Everything about the follicular study

If you have a history of cancer in your family and you want to know how to prevent it, that is, what actions you should take to prevent the disease, we will perform your epigenetics study and it is very specific.

We are going to use hair as a biomarker, it is a method that is not invasive, it does not matter if they come to your studio with dyed hair, without bathing, with gel, it does not matter. What we analyze is the follicle, now why the hair follicle? Well, the follicle is the one that is in contact with the circulation, the follicle even has its own muscle which is what will help us determine, for example, if a patient is very stressed, we also determine that.

This epigenetic test is a very complete study, we do not need any special preparation, you do not have to come fasting to perform it, you simply come with us, we take the sample. The nape of the neck is where we take the sample, it could also be the sample from the eyebrows and the nose but it does seem a little… A little invasive and nothing more, yes we can do it from those parts, from the From the neck down we do not take a hair sample but well, sometimes that is the question, if I do not have any, that is, if I am bald they can take the sample, yes, it is taken from the eyebrows and we can carry out your study.

Well, sometimes we find that in order to go for a medical check-up they ask us for many laboratory studies and well we arrive at the consultation and oh well look, everything is normal, right? The advantage here is that it analyzes all your systems, this study analyzes all your systems and will give you the four main ones that we have to address. Oriented towards that, if necessary, complementary tests will be requested but we will no longer require so much study because well, sometimes there are many blood samples and they are not really necessary. This study helps us guide more towards where we want to seek a diagnosis with the patient.

What happens in the consultation?

Well, I’m going to tell you how we carried out the study. You arrive at the office, we take some data that is necessary to enter the system, I proceed to take the sample of the follicle, with 4 hairs that I can extract with a tweezer is enough and from there we pass it here to the device which is a decoder, We use German technology, so this decoder sends all the information to Hamburg and in 15 minutes we have the result.

Once your result arrives, we will talk about a specific symptom or something that you especially want to work on and for the rest of the consultation I will give you your instructions. Another advantage that we offer with our study is that you do not have to return for its interpretation, in the same consultation that will take approximately one hour you already have all your results and your food supplementation plan.

This diet includes, for example, which foods you should avoid for 90 days not because they cause allergies, because here we do not handle allergies, but rather they are foods that at that moment are not compatible with your body, that is, that your body is going to It will take longer to absorb these nutrients and it will distract you from absorbing other types of nutrients necessary for the body, which is why we recommend that you do not eat these foods for 90 days. So, this is a very complete study that will provide you with a lot of information.

Results from the follicular test

Within the uses of this study we have seen cases, for example, a patient who arrives with generalized itching, pruritus is itching. The patient was complaining, right? “I’m itchy all the time, I’ve already had tests done, everything is normal but I’m still itchy.” Well, when we did the study, the result showed that the patient had heavy metals, so we started to clean out what was heavy metals and the patient improved, in a matter of days after we started the treatment the patient improved and the itching disappeared.

¿Quienes pueden o deben hacer el test?

Este estudio se recomienda a partir de los 5 años de edad, hasta los 99, o sea, lo podemos hacer en cualquier época de la vida porque siempre nos va a ayudar a optimizar, o sea a que empiecen a sentirse mejor. A lo mejor tú puedes decir “Yo no tengo ningún síntoma, a mí no me duele nada” pero en cuanto empezamos a mejorar la alimentación, la suplementación, nos dejamos de exponer a ciertos factores que nos están haciendo daño podemos nosotros descubrir realmente que ese no es todo nuestro potencial, que podemos nosotros sentirnos mucho mejor y bueno, pues esta es una de las ventajas del estudio.

“Remember that October is the month of the fight against cancer and the best way to combat it is with prevention and early detection, come for a consultation”

Dra. Erika Ramos Mota
Dra. Erika Ramos Mota
Medicina Interna

Especialista en Medicina Interna
Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla

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