In California they wanted to remove my womb due to uterine fibroids

We are very grateful for the trust and courage of Midian, who tells us about her experience first looking for options in the United States, where they wanted to remove her uterus and how she came to Creafam, a few days ago she had surgery, and will soon fly back to the USA.

We also have a video in which Dr. Valdés shares and explains everything about the surgery on this other video.

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Ok, good afternoon, look, I want to talk to you about the surgery we had yesterday. This little patient wrote to us via Zoom from California in Los Angeles and we did an interview for more or less 40 minutes a month and a half ago. She is 35 years old, she already has two children but she started with a little sensation of a tumor, in addition to having a little bleeding, mainly during the menstrual period, but she also had inter-monthly bleeding, which is called spotting, so the patient already had a little hemodynamic changes there because she was anemic and in the United States, obviously pus, they were telling her that she needed to remove her uterus.

This patient did very well, it was a relatively one-hour surgery but it was a very large tumor and that’s why the bleeding was because there was practically a hole inside the uterus or the muscles, so the coping points are sometimes a little more bleeding but fortunately today she is discharged, she is going to stay here in Puebla until Sunday, on Saturday we check her before she leaves and on Sunday she flies back to California but with her uterus and obviously still with the probability of fertility if you wish.

Patient testimonial

Hello, how are you, my name is Midian Abigail Martínez, I come from California to have a myomectomy. I saw around three doctors before arriving at Creafam and all three of them told me that I no longer had a solution and that they had to remove my entire uterus, but my husband and I wanted to have more children, we now have a five-year-old girl. Sorry, I’m eight years old and have a five-year-old child, but we wanted to have another one and thank God, when they gave me the diagnosis, my husband was the one who started looking for information about what uterine fibroids were because we didn’t know what they were and he went the one who found Creafam’s YouTube channel and from there we began to get all the information we could, communicate with them on WhatsApp or Instagram and I even wrote to both the clinic and the doctor… And well, I already had previous analyses, I told him about it, I sent them to him, he reviewed them, he asked me to do more studies and, thank God, I arrived here and he told me yes, he could save my uterus. I arrived here on Monday and on Tuesday I already had the surgery scheduled, everything went very quickly, the truth is I thought it was going to take longer to recover, I also thought that the surgery would be a little more complicated.

I have been doing the procedure for about 4 days, more or less 4 or 5 days, I feel very good and the truth is I am very, very grateful for all the work they were able to do with us, because we had many doubts and they helped us . Both the staff and the doctor, his assistants, all those who treated us, the truth is we are very grateful and we leave very happy for everything they helped us and the truth is that I highly recommend the clinic because, as I said, three previous doctors told me that I had no choice but to remove my uterus.

So, my mother had a similar procedure and I saw that she did suffer a lot after the surgery and with the medication that she had to take, she was affected in many ways by the procedure they did and well, I didn’t. I wanted to go through the same thing, so that’s why I… My husband and I decided how to look for other options, but three doctors told us no, so I saw several doctors in the United States and others in Tijuana and they all told me. They gave the same option that the entire uterus had to be removed because, supposedly, there was no other solution. But the truth is that here at Creafam they helped us a lot, we leave very happy and very grateful and the truth is that I recommend that they attend with the experts who do not go for the first option of being told no because there is no longer a solution. .

I recommend that you search, that you search, that you inform yourself about everything and that you look for the experts.

“For international patients, it is very important that they undergo a tomography or MRI, since this way we can completely plan the surgery before they arrive in Mexico”

Dr. Arturo Valdés
Dr. Arturo Valdés
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