My life after removing a 4 kilo fibroid

We appreciate the trust and courage of this patient, who came from Oaxaca and tells us about her experience, from when they told her that they could not operate on her and how the fibroid grew to how she feels now and her expectations for the future. Remember that #KnowledgeIsSuccess and protecting your fertility is possible in the hands of experts.

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What’s up good morning. Today I want to talk a little, rather we are going to show you an interview we had with the patient from the surgery we did for the 4 kilo fibroid, remember that we uploaded that one because it seemed very interesting.

She is a patient over 44 years old who came from Oaxaca because they had mentioned that she was in that state, that they were going to remove her in the womb and when she searched for the videos she saw information about us and well we told her that we assured her that the uterus was to be preserved.

It is a very nice surgery because it was an intra-ligamentary fibroid, remember, they were not in the uterus but rather they were between the uterus and the fallopian tubes so to speak, but I already checked it, it is already two months after the surgery, let’s say the immediate postoperative period has already passed and late and the recovery has been very good, because we did not touch the uterus. The uterus is as if nothing, the endometrial cavity, in fact we already talked a little about the future of whether she wants to get pregnant or not. So, well, we wanted to show you right now she’s going to appear in the testimonial, which also gives the patients more peace of mind, so they can see what encouraged the patient to come and how she currently feels, but the most The important thing is that assisted reproduction was preserved, that is, she can get pregnant afterwards and the second most important thing is that the testimonial is a foreign patient, that is, she is not from Puebla, so that you can see the logistics we have, the dynamics and that Please know that any patient who is outside of Puebla, we can assist them, we can make a consultation via Skype, have all the documents and after that we can schedule the surgery without problems and the recoveries are excellent.

In fact, next week we are going to have four myomectomies, one of them comes from Ecuador, which is important, with a very, very large fibroid, we are going to upload it of course and we hope that she also participates a little in the testimonials, which It is what we want to do a posteriori or in the future so that the patient sees the clinical case, the surgery is presented to them and then they see the patient’s testimony after a surgery to know what happened with that surgery.

Patient testimonial

Hello, good morning, I come from the state of Oaxaca, right now I am at the Creafam clinic. I come to explain my experience about a very giant fibroid that I had and the truth is that they intervened on me in this clinic, the truth is that it went very well and if I want to give a testimony, well, to help more patients with this problem like the one I have. I had.

When they diagnosed me that I had a fibroid, which was approximately as I told you 5 or 6 years ago, the truth is that the doctors’ diagnosis was very, very discouraging, because they told me that it was very likely that they would remove my womb, and At that time I was still very young and most of the doctors I consulted told me that they ran that risk.

What they recommended to me was that I not intervene, because it was most likely that they were going to remove my womb, so I actually listened to them and it was a mistake because I decided… Or rather, I would have investigated more. I did not decide to have surgery as I would have done better. Time passed and unfortunately the fibroid grew too big, so at my last check-up, the fibroid was already too big. That was when I decided to have surgery and I started researching and fortunately I found a video on YouTube very similar to mine, of a very large fibroid and I decided to consult them.

I wanted to show you how the uterus looked after the surgery so that you can see how impressive the capacity of the uterus is, first for regeneration and obviously for regression. See, here we have the cervical canal, her cervical canal is still relatively normal, it measures approximately 37 and a half, but look how beautiful the cavity looks, this patient is 46 years old and has not become pregnant, but see this is the important thing. Surely we can get this patient pregnant, obviously now we will see what treatment is ideal, but her cavity is practically normal and the muscles, which is this part here is impressive, have also already returned to an adequate size. Her endometrium looks regular, symmetrical, she is even still having menstrual cycles despite being 46 years old, but for this little patient we will practically wait at least two more months. This part is where the surgery was probably done, because of the tissue that seems somewhat redundant, but fortunately this uterus is a uterus that will be able to conceive without any problem and we are only two months after the surgery, the fibroid weighing four kilos.

From my first consultation with him I felt very good, I came with a lot of nerves, fear, maybe it was my last hope, I don’t know… And no, he checked me, he told me that it was indeed very, very big. the fibroid, but that there were many possibilities of saving my womb, he gave me a 99% chance of saving my womb, he told me with great confidence and I felt very good, I didn’t let so much time pass, except for the time the exams take preoperatively, in a month, month and a half my surgery was carried out. Despite the time I left, thank God my womb was already checked after the operation and it turned out very well, it regenerated very, very quickly and I am truly amazed and if I have the possibility of getting pregnant, that is why I recommend that Don’t let too much time pass after your fibroid diagnosis, act soon and things can go better.

For me personally, I have the possibility of getting pregnant if I decide to do so. They are very good, Dr. Monsalve the same, between Dr. Monsalve and Dr. Arturo they were the ones who operated on me and the truth is my reaction during the surgery was very good, from the moment they operated on me until the end of the whole process. I highly recommend the entire Creafam team, do not hesitate to visit them, I really highly recommend it, I tell you this from my own experience. Taking stock and after having already left my surgery and, by the way, having gone very well, the truth is that I recommend to all the patients who have myomatosis problems, that they do not let much time pass, or rather no time at all, that they act as as soon as possible, that despite what the doctors tell them about the diagnoses they give them, they should not stay with the first impression or the first diagnosis.

They have to investigate because, I say this from my own experience. I listened to the 3, 4 doctors that I consulted and the truth is, if I had not listened to them and had continued investigating, my operation would have been easier, even though it was easy, because I feel that my surgery was very easy. , which went very well for me, I feel that my body reacted very well, but there was no need to have left so much time behind, because things would have been even easier.

So I do recommend that myomatosis patients not let too much time pass. First of all, they should have their routine check-up checked every six months at least, or at least every year, and if they already have a diagnosis of myomatosis, well, don’t let so much time pass, investigate and get it done. are left with the best diagnosis. As doctors have always said, information is power.


Very well then, finally, we want to thank this patient who, well, provided for the testimonial. It’s not that easy, there are many patients that we have operated on and we tell them, and sometimes they don’t want to appear. Well, we had the opportunity and the truth is that we thank you very much for allowing us a few words about what her experience was like and also for telling you:

Remember, a fibroid surgery depends on: Number of fibroids, size of the fibroids, location of the fibroids and the question of whether it is reproduction or not reproduction, because the patients we operate on in the surgeries, many of them more than 80% are for fertility issues and then it is very important for the patient with fibroids to know that first the problem of the pathology as such must be corrected and then follow up after a month or four months depending on the surgery to reconsider what We are going to do the approach for assisted reproduction, but most of the patients who undergo surgery are at the beginning or looking for pregnancy and not all of them will be able to get pregnant spontaneously or the following month, I could even say that the The average period we expect is between three to four months before seeking or doing any other treatment to seek pregnancy. Firstly, because the patients are sometimes over 35 years of age, secondly because sometimes it is not just the language pathology as such but perhaps a tubal problem or some spermatic problem and thirdly because surgery as such allows us in many cases Sometimes, or rather it makes it difficult for us to get pregnant and we have to wait for the uterus to heal well and then search. But let them know that the vast majority of fibroid patients whose uteri have fortunately not been removed are candidates for pregnancy.

Last time they asked me about a patient that we took, that three doctors, or the three specialists, did an abdominal and vaginal approach. She came out of the surgery very well, the uterus is perfect and just after six months she is already beginning the search for pregnancy because of course, she also already has the age factor that is pressing on her. But they should know that we can provide them with follow-up, information and professional attention after surgery based on the issue of assisted reproduction and fertility.

“The regeneration capacity of the human body is impressive, less than 2 months since the surgery for the 4 kilo myoma and the uterus recovered its normal shape and size, you will surely be able to get pregnant if you wish”

Dr. Arturo Valdés
Dr. Arturo Valdés
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