Preparing for twins

Thanks to fertility treatments you are pregnant with twins, there may be two or more, but don’t worry, we have some recommendations that will allow you to live up to this new adventure.

The babies.

Something you should know is that your discharge from the hospital is the same as that of the mothers of a single baby, two or three days after birth if it was a cesarean section. Babies may need to stay in the hospital longer, so you may have to go home without them. This separation could generate very intense feelings in you, the vulnerability of babies will activate your protective instincts to the maximum and you will not be able to do anything. Understand what is happening to you, accept that it is something instinctive and respect that first sign of your great ability to be a mother. Trust those who will ensure your safety and recovery, pay attention to what the pediatrician says and follow his instructions to the letter.

Maybe one baby comes out before the other. Also listen to your doctor and follow the instructions. At this time your most primary being will make you feel worried about not having the other baby with you, trust your doctor and be present whenever they tell you or allow it, this will help you keep a little balance.

Returning home

Accept all the help that is offered to you, and if possible, organize it before the birth.

Between the two of you, mom and dad, plan shifts to care for the babies. During the first few days that Dad is not working, take turns tending to them. The breast can only be given by mom, but if the babies require some formula, dad can do it. Once regular working hours start, dad must also find the spaces to deal with tasks related to baby care. One of the constants in mothers of twins is lack of sleep, organize time so that mom can rest when dad comes home from work. Remember that dad does not support mom in raising and caring, dad is just as responsible as mom for the well-being of her children. Having children as a couple is a job for two.

It takes time to adapt to the rhythms of babies, detect the needs of each one and get to know their personalities. Give yourself the gift of peace of mind and buy a blackboard, write down on it each feeding, each time you gasped, each diaper change, each bath, change of clothes and any other detail that you consider important. Lack of sleep and hormones make us forget things frequently, take action and don’t blame yourself if you missed something. Sometimes one of the babies is more demanding than another and we can forget something about the calmer baby, write everything down and avoid regrets.

The first month, take care only of your babies and yourself. Rest when you can so that you can recover physically and have compassion for yourself. Your body has undergone major changes and needs time to return to the way it was before birth. So follow your doctor’s instructions, take care of your diet and receive vitamins, rest and sleep whenever you can. Once you’re adjusted to your new life and your body has recovered from the changes, then get busy exercising and feeling lithe and flexible like you used to before pregnancy.

High demand from two babies

Twins are out of sync with each other, they don’t sleep at the same time, they don’t eat at the same time or sometimes want to eat at the exact same time, diapers are changed twice as often and they want their mom available to them without thinking about each other . You will feel that you are a machine takes care of babies twenty-four hours a day. The risk of this wear along with the hormonal load is postpartum depression. So she always talks and asks for help. Sometimes you will cry because you feel that it is too much for you, sometimes you will cry because you are very happy but you are very tired, seek help. Sometimes it will be lack of sleep, but in others it will be something more serious. Seek help, seriously, don’t let the expectations you had of yourself or others stop you.

Tips to cope:

  • Talk and count on your partner for everything.

  • Accept all the help you are offered and ask for more if necessary. Especially the first few weeks.

  • Rest as much as you can and forget about cleaning and housework.

  • Talk to other moms who have babies or young children. Keep the phones of your prenatal classmates, they will understand you like few people and will share their experiences.

  • Remember that everything happens and that they are not going to be newborns forever.

  • Enjoy while they are tiny and you can carry them both, that moment flies.

“Remember that dad does not support mom in raising and caring, dad is just as responsible as mom for the well-being of their children. Having children when he is a couple is a job for two.”

Dr. Otto Paredes
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