Primo Vision Embryo Monitoring System

It is a recently implemented technology through the incorporation of a photographic camera that is inside the same microscope located inside the incubator.

It allows the monitoring of embryos that are in culture under controlled incubation conditions (temperature, CO2, relative humidity, etc.). No need to open the incubators or remove the culture plates from their place.

This allows us to monitor the evolution and evaluate each embryo separately in detail, since the system photographs them every 8-10 minutes, optimizing the properties of the culture media and avoiding pH changes, thus improving the probability of developing embryos with greater potential.

The culture is carried out in a plate where each embryo has an individual well that is interconnected with the other wells, which allows the exchange of metabolites between them and improves their evolutionary prognosis and a detailed report of the evaluation result of each embryo. reporting each event observed in the analysis system.

“The evaluation of each embryo is carried out using software, determining the exact moment of each event and graphing the division stages in order to know which embryos are the best”

Biol. Luis Machorro
Biol. Luis Machorro
IVF and Andrology Laboratory

Vitrification of eggs and embryos at the Mexican Institute of Infertility.

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