I had 2 giant fibroids removed

We would love to present many more testimonies and success stories, but of course, we respect the privacy of each person and it is not always possible, that is why we appreciate the courage and affection of Mariana, who from Veracruz agreed to share her case with us.

Dr. Otto Paredes, Creafam fertility expert, explains this case to us, from her diagnosis and how 2 doctors wanted to remove her uterus, to videos of the surgery and details about her fertility prognosis.

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Hello, we would love to present many more testimonials of the success stories we have had, but hey, respecting the privacy of our patients is not always possible, today we want to present you a success story of a fibroid surgery that we performed in the city of Veracruz and who graciously agreed to share her story.


Hello, I am 34 years old, my name is Mariana and I was diagnosed with fibroids a few months ago. Initially they told me that I should undergo surgery, in which they had to remove my uterus and with that they could eliminate the fibroids, however until today I I have not had children, I have not been pregnant, I had not looked for a pregnancy, so that news was devastating for me, I felt very sad, I felt that there were no alternatives and searching on the internet we found the Creafam clinic, thanks to the videos that they uploaded, we were able to find another option, which was surgery, to be able to remove the fibroids without damaging my uterus and thus later look for the opportunity to be a mother.

A week ago, Dr. Otto and his team performed the myomectomy on me. I want to thank you doctor because everything went very well, I feel very good, I don’t feel any physical discomfort and I almost didn’t remember that I had surgery.

About the case and the surgery

Well again, we thank our patient for having been kind enough to share her testimony with us. Her case was interesting because she presented a fibroid with large elements, it was a fibroid measuring between 10-15 centimeters that, unlike other fibroids that we have had that generate bleeding, anemia and other situations like that, what this one generated for her was a sensation of weight, she had like a weight in her abdomen that had been bothering her for a long time. She finally had an ultrasound with another doctor and upon seeing the size of her fibroid they told her that her uterus had to be removed. It is very common for doctors, in situations like this, to suggest hysterectomies…

But for example, in her case, her fibroid, although it was true that it was very large, did not cause major symptoms. So, a young girl, who has not had children, obviously needs another type of approach, so here at Creafam Veracruz we proposed fibroid resection surgery and we were actually able to organize it. A relatively small incision approximately 6-7 cm. We approached her abdominal wall to remove the fibroid. The fibroid was extremely large, we had to remove it in parts because we had made a fairly small incision in favor of a more aesthetic surgery, with a better recovery for the patient.

It must be remembered that surgery with very large incisions also has an impact on the patient’s subsequent recovery. That it is a smaller surgery because it represents less pain, greater recovery and obviously the patient also appreciates it. From a surgical point of view, what we faced was, cutting it into parts took perhaps a little longer, but we were able to resolve it and remove it in its entirety.

Conclusions and prognosis

Once this issue of fibroids has been resolved, we will now continue with her follow-up, we will see her again in approximately a month, probably then in about six months and then we will begin the basic fertility studies.

The fact that she has had fibroids does not mean that she has to undergo in vitro fertilization treatment. It is even likely that she can get pregnant naturally, so we will start with the basic studies so that we can guide her in her pregnancy project. maternity.

We also want to remind you that Creafam Veracruz is no longer located at its headquarters in Plaza Vela, now we are not exactly behind it, in the Exertia Tower on the 7th floor, with many willing to assist you in psychology and fertility consultations and also in consultations by videoconference where we can Therefore, analyze your history, exams or studies and thus facilitate access to information and future treatments.

“It is very common that the first option they are given is a hysterectomy, but especially in cases of young women, without children, it is essential to put oneself in the patient’s shoes and consider preserving fertility as a priority”

Dr. Otto Paredes
Dr. Otto Paredes
Fertility Expert

Reproductive medicine and gynecological endocrinology
Instituto Valenciano de Infertilidad, Spain.

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