3 Myths about removing the ovaries

This week we operated on several teratoma patients. They had all been told that it was urgent to operate and that they had to remove the entire ovary, even though some had already had another ovary removed previously, which would make them infertile.

Remember that #KnowledgeIsSuccess and that is why we take the opportunity to clarify the 3 most common myths or reasons why they tell you that they are going to remove the ovary, and as you can see in this surgery, we remove the teratoma while preserving around 80% of the ovary.

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How about good evening, today we are going to talk about the three main doubts or fears of patients with benign ovarian tumors, so always remember #KnowledgeIsSuccess follow us.

We want right now that we finish the live YouTube video for questions and answers, so I’m going to talk specifically about benign ovarian tumors… We had already uploaded a talk, but right now I had a 38-year-old patient from Nayarit, Tepic who came to to have surgery with us because she had already had a teratoma removed from her left ovary and now she had another teratoma in the ovary against the side.

They told me I needed urgent surgery

So the first thing they always ask us because yesterday I had three consultations for cysts is that: They told me that if I didn’t operate the cyst was an emergency and it would rupture. First, endometriotic cyst, simple cyst or teratoma will hardly rupture even if they are sizes of 7, 8, 9 centimeters. Why? Because these tumors grow gradually over the years.

Second, they always tell them that if you have this cyst, if I don’t operate on it and remove your ovary, it could give you cancer and it could appear in the other ovary, so if we know that it is a benign tumor, it is difficult for a benign tumor to be It will turn into cancer in the future and even more so if you have the other ovary you will get cancer in the other ovary, so it is not necessary to remove the ovaries or remove that ovary with the tumor just because they told you that if it doesn’t work to give a malignant tumor later.

Third, what they also tell you is that you already had a cyst on the contralateral side and now it came out here, I have to remove your ovary… No! This little patient, that’s why we’re going to upload it, is very happy and that’s why she came to have surgery because they had already had a teratoma removed and they removed her entire right ovary, and right now she only had the left ovary with a 9-centimeter tumor.

Teratoma surgery preserving 80% of the ovary

You will see it in surgery, teratomas are normally a little unpleasant because they have fatty tissue, they have hair, they have bone, they have a jaw, teeth or even something in their eyes, so even though they are very unpleasant, teratomas are generally benign.

We operated on this little patient, we performed a complete resection of this teratoma and you will see, the ovary was left with 80% of that ovary and then, as we have always told you, if you no longer have one ovary and they want to remove the other one, call us ! Come to us, we will give you a second opinion because if it is a benign tumor the ideal is just to resect that tumor and leave the ovary above all for the endocrine function, not so much reproductive because she had become pregnant and no longer wants children but endocrine-wise she is going to continuing to produce estrogen, progesterone, will have that contribution that it gives of estrogen at the level above all of bone mineral resorption and secondly the protection in high and low density lipoproteins to avoid risks of atherosclerosis or atheromas in the future.

So, please do not operate on a cyst and remove the ovary, inform yourself beforehand and if you want, come to us. Simple cysts, I had a patient who wanted to remove her ovary because they had already removed her uterus three years ago and she had a simple cyst… Simple cysts are generally functional, they are called serous cystadenomas, that is, it is a tumor that The ultrasound shows everything in solid form with a homogeneous echogenicity, that is, there is no trabeculation or vegetation inside and the capsule is thin, so these types of tumors are sometimes not even operable unless it is a very large tumor. above 7.8 centimeters. We operated on one from San Diego, which came, which we went up, which had 16 centimeters but a small tumor of 4 or 5 or 6 centimeters, the ideal is to observe it in two weeks to see if it decreased and if not, give contraceptives to see if that will help. It can decrease and it is not necessary in many cases to even do surgery.


So remember, the three most common simple tumors: Serous cystadenoma, which is a simple functional cyst, teratomas and endometriotic tumors. It depends on the ages at which one or the other occurs, they are more frequent, but generally it is not even necessary to remove the ovary if we have the tumor markers in order, an adequate tomography and an ultrasound.

+So please call us, write to us, we can give second opinions and we are in medical tourism operating on all patients who come for fibroids or benign ovarian tumors from all over the Republic. On Monday we operated on one for fibroids from Campeche or Mérida, this one from Nayarit and we have some surgeries that are mainly from Querétaro, Toluca and Pachuca due to their proximity, Veracruz, Cuernavaca but we can attend from any part of the Republic via Zoom.

Even if it is difficult for them to come, we can review the ultrasounds they already have via video call and advise them so that they can preserve their fertility.

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