Uterine fibroids, patient from Colombia.

We want to thank Paola for her bravery in sharing her story with us, as well as for all the trust she had in us. In Colombia they wanted to remove her uterus, but today she no longer has fibroids. Remember that #KnowledgeIsSuccess

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About my case of Uterine fybroids

Good morning. My name is Paola, I come from the city of Cali, Colombia. I want to tell you a little about my experience regarding the diagnosis of uterine myomatosis. About three years ago I had an ultrasound and I had three small fibroids. At that time, let’s say that I was going for another issue and they didn’t tell me that I had to have a treatment or a checkup every so often.

On my own initiative in the month of March of this year I requested an ultrasound, because I said let’s see how I go, in that exam I had multiple fibroids and among the fibroids the sonographer told me that he saw the largest ones of 8 centimeters 5, 4… There were so many that I was only going to describe the largest ones, after three months I began to present symptoms and the symptom was that my abdomen began to grow very quickly, which is why I attended the clinic again. gynecologist and she sent me an MRI and more or less around the time of September. In September the diagnosis of that MRI was that she had a giant fibroid measuring 15 centimeters and multiple fibroids in the uterus smaller than 4 centimeters, that was the reading of my MRI.

As a result of this, the general gynecologist referred me to a gynecologist-oncologist because they were so large and multiple, she decided that a gynecologist-oncologist should perform the surgery on me. I attended that appointment and the truth is, she told me that my surgery was a complex case due to the size of the fibroids.

She reviewed my MRI, just one of the images, and told me that my uterus was not even visible, that she could not guarantee the preservation of the uterus because there were many of them and that the MRI could not really show her what type. of fibroids were, that he was going to send me one, so that I could authorize a request for uterine myomectomy and also authorize total hysterectomy. As a result of this, I went to a private doctor at a private clinic in my city to get a second opinion and the doctor told me that he couldn’t guarantee me because he could only determine if he could save the uterus once it was in surgery. I said “Well, there is already an MRI and that’s why they do MRIs to look at.” Well, I didn’t feel safe.

A few months ago I was searching the internet about my diagnosis, I think it happens to all of us, and one of those portals was YouTube, I went in and found some videos from the Creafam clinic, I started watching some testimonies from some previous patients of some countries. I contacted one of them through that medium and she told me that she had done excellently. That’s how in that virtual appointment, the doctor came in to review the images and he told me in detail where my uterus was located, where those fibroids were located, which I think were 4, and what the type of fibroid was, the giant one, which was 15. centimeters.

He told me that it didn’t look as complex as they had made it seem to me when I told him that the gynecologist oncologist had told me that my uterus couldn’t even be seen. It was where he decided to explain each of those fibroids and the typology and location to me, so which I felt very safe because he was the only doctor, let’s say he was already the third option, who was the only doctor who gave me a technical explanation based on an MRI and I felt safe. And he only gave me a 20% chance of losing the uterus, so I saw 80% conservation and that’s what I was guided by. That’s how I came here to Creafam, they performed the surgery on me, the truth is I didn’t feel afraid because, for the doctor, he never made me feel like it was something very serious or complex, so I felt very confident because I felt that he was a person Quite a specialist in what he did and it was his specialty, he had already done cases equal to or even more complex than mine.


And well, I want to tell you that my surgery went excellent, it removed all my fibroids and the recovery has been quite good. I have felt the normal pains and that, but the medications have helped me a lot and I wanted to tell you about my experience and recommend that you not just stay with an opinion, but that you have to go find a doctor who will give you an explanation like What about your case and what and what to tell you what can be done and if it can be done what is the possibility of preserving the uterus, and then I am very grateful first of all to God and that He puts the right people for us through the science that let’s say that, they operate on us and I wanted to share my testimony with you.

What I recommend is that when they do, they detect fibroids, that they have a periodic check-up because many times, that has become normal, yes, all women are prone to developing fibroids but they never tell us, or at least At least they never told me that I had to do a check-up and about three years have passed and it was when I had quite large fibroids that I had to have surgery, so these are situations that can be avoided and it is in our hands to request the check-ups. newspapers.

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