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If you are pregnant:

Attend your gestational visits to have a good control of your pregnancy, remember that throughout the pregnancy different studies are carried out, both ultrasound and laboratory. It is very important to attend these controls as soon as you receive the news that you are pregnant, since in the first weeks you can see changes in your baby:

  • Between weeks 6-7 is when you will first hear the baby’s heartbeat.

  • In week 8 of pregnancy, the first blood test is performed where a BH (complete blood count), QSC (complete blood chemistry) and an EGO (general urine test) are taken to find out how you are, mom.

  • In week 12 and 13, the first special study is carried out, called First Trimester Screening, where Down Syndrome can be ruled out. This study is carried out with an ultrasound, accompanied by a blood sample, with which the geneticist studies the hormones of the pregnancy. The result obtained indicates a probability, not a diagnosis, but offers parents and doctors reassurance and information.

  • In week 20, the second special study is carried out, which is Morphological or Structural. This study is by ultrasound where you can see the organs and bone structures of your baby, this in order to identify any anatomical malformation.

  • In week 26, the second trimester battery and “O” Sullivan or Gestational Diabetes Test are performed, in which a BH (complete blood count), QSC (complete blood chemistry) and EGO (general urine test) are taken, later He gives you Dextrosol to drink, which is 50% glucose, and an hour later another blood sample is taken. Basal and postprandial results will be obtained. This study is to find out how you metabolize sugar during pregnancy and to rule out gestational diabetes.

  • In week 28 the last special study “Fetal Echocardiogram” is performed, in this study you will see your baby’s heart in which cardiac malformations and alterations of the great vessels can be ruled out.

  • For week 36, preoperative tests are carried out, which are blood tests in which samples are taken to make BH, QSC and coagulation times.

During pregnancy, EGO (general urine test) is performed frequently since urinary tract infections can cause premature pregnancy.

Remember that all laboratory tests must be done on an empty stomach, so it is advisable to fast for 8 to 12 hours. The 1st trimester screening is the only analysis that you can perform without it since it does not alter the result. Do not forget to consume Folic Acid prior to pregnancy and at least until week 12 to avoid neural tube defects, later you can consume a multivitamin as well as calcium.

“Your nurse wants your well-being and that of your baby, remember that having good control of your pregnancy can prevent many things, in addition to the fact that you as a mother will have the security and peace of mind that your baby is in optimal condition and your health too. ”

Rn. Michelle Sepulveda
Rn. Michelle Sepulveda
Registered Nurse