Nutritional balance

It is of the utmost importance and also well known that a good diet translates into well-being in health.

[fusion_dropcap boxed=”no” boxed_radius=”” class=”” id=”” color=””]I[/fusion_dropcap]n matters of reproduction, the weight in women and men have various implications, producing alterations both in sperm quality and in the response of the ovaries and in menstrual cycles.

In the area of nutrition, we jointly try to bring our couples who wish to become pregnant to an adequate nutritional balance to improve the pregnancy prognosis.

In pregnant patients it is necessary to have efficient weight control to prevent major problems such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and/or prevent early pregnancy abortions.

10 FORBIDDEN foods in pregnancy [What NOT to eat while pregnant]

During pregnancy, the mother’s body takes longer to process nutrients and toxins. When these accumulate, they bring complications to your health and that of the baby, which is why there are foods that should be avoided, even if you have consumed them all your life.

Remember that #KnowledgeIsPower and Nutritionist Marisol Navarrete, Mtra. in Clinical Nutrition and Creafam Lactation Advisor explains the 10 forbidden or prohibited foods during pregnancy.

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Foods you MUST EAT during pregnancy [10 recommended nutrients]

Eating during pregnancy can be stressful because we only have nine months to form our baby and every mother wants to make sure that no nutrients are missing from her child, so we eat everything and in large quantities and nausea, discomfort and fatigue are added so it becomes a martyrdom.

But don’t worry, Nutritionist Marisol Navarrete, Master in Clinical Nutrition and Creafam Breastfeeding Advisor, will share with us the foods with essential nutrients for pregnancy, she remembers that #KnowledgeIsPower

FERTILITY Diets and foods [Myths and truths]

There are many myths about foods that can boost sexual desire, as well as improve fertility or even increase the chances of having twins or even choosing the sex of the baby.

At Creafam we have always said that when it comes to reproductive health #KnowledgeIsPower and eating well or poorly can definitely improve or worsen your fertility and that of your partner. That’s why in this video the Nutritionist Marisol Navarrete, Mtra. in Clinical Nutrition and Creafam Lactation Consultant, she explains to us which information is false beliefs or contains half-truths and which ones have strong scientific foundations and actually do work.