Spontaneous pregnancy after myomectomy

With great affection we share the story of the Micalizzi Díaz family, which shows us that nothing is impossible… Being over 40 years old, Jahzeel became pregnant naturally in less than 3 months after having surgery to remove 9 fibroids! Today they have their #DreamFulfilled in their arms.

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How are you, good afternoon. We wanted to talk to you about some patients that we saw a year ago for fibroids, she had nine fibroids and we performed surgery here in the clinic, we removed the 9 medium and large fibroids elements and later she became pregnant and less than a year later, that is, right now Your baby has already been born, so we are very happy, so remember to know is power.


Well. Hello, how are you, my name is Jahzeel Díaz, Franco my husband and Surem Quimey, our son. Well, I want to talk to you, I want to give you a testimony of what, well I am 41 years old and since I was 20 years old they detected my first fibroid and every time I went for a checkup it turned out that they had another one and so on, so well I obviously wanted to do something with that topic because apart from that it caused me problems with my menstruation with cramps, irregular periods and well I had never tried to get pregnant until I met Franco. We got married and well, we decided to wait a year thinking that maybe that wouldn’t be an impediment, right? And well, coming back… Yes, sometimes they told me that fibroids were not a problem to be able to get pregnant, but the thing is that I had more and more and well, the doctors I went to prescribed pills, some type of treatment like equivalent to chemotherapy that does not guarantee that it will eliminate them but it does guarantee that it will reduce them or some will be eliminated, but well, when they say the word chemotherapy, it terrifies you, it scares you and you start not to think about that option and Surgery is also important but it also scares you, you don’t know which doctor to go to, if it will be good or not.

I found Dr. Valdés precisely in a Google search on the Internet, looking for experts in removing fibroids, and I saw a video of him on YouTube and it seemed very interesting to me, because since he begins to narrate the patient’s case, he leaves you with as very clear the points that he is going to address or that he found, the problem and above all that what interests him most is preserving the woman’s uterus. Because also another of the things that doctors tell you when you have a fibroid and “We will most likely remove your uterus” and it is the easiest, the easiest solution. In my case I had not been a mother, I was interested, but I couldn’t find the right person and all those things, until I found him and we got married.

The particular issue is that we live in another state, the clinic is in the state of Puebla and we come from the state of Morelos, so, well, it was like a whole issue but well, the first digital consultations were also easy, so the first consultations We were very calm, also the way things were explained to us, the security, so I am a little eclectic with the belief about the doctors and the truth is that in the clinic and with the doctors at the clinic it has given us a lot of peace of mind and a lot of security, In fact, we came here to follow up on the pregnancy with them here in Puebla even though we have to travel every time we have to make a consultation and our son is from Puebla, too. Thanks to, or because of, the Creafam doctors!

Yes, and well, when I met him I made my first virtual appointment, he gave me a lot of confidence and what I’m most glad about is that he told me, well, because at that time I told him I have six fibroids, right? He told me, well, come and I’ll examine you and don’t worry, surgery will correct that, I’ll preserve your uterus, for me that was super news, right? And we came and it turns out that when he examined me, he had eight fibroids! Then he told me “Well, whenever you want, I can operate on you” and we didn’t think twice and scheduled it right away.

Well, he did say that it would have to be quick because we, well Jahz is 41, so if we wanted to have a child there was not much time for that, so in February of last year… Yes, February 23 I think, was his operation . But when the doctor comes out of the operation, he comes out with a tray like that with all of Jahzeel’s fibroids and I was scared when I saw them, right? There were… There were actually 9 of them and some of them were very big and well, it was very surprising to see all that she had, which was obviously not visible physically on the outside, but that she had it all inside her uterus.

Myomectomy or Uterine fibroid surgery

Y entonces le hicimos la cirugía el 23 de febrero le quitamos 9 miomas 4 medianos y 5 pequeñitos, lo van a ver en el video pero lo más importante es que después de la cirugía, yo siempre he dicho que nos tenemos que esperar entre tres, cuatro meses o seis dependiendo donde se encuentran localizados. Estos miomitas eran intramurales algunos y muchos de ellos subserosos, o sea que no dañaban tanto la musculatura, pero la importancia de una buena cirugía con un experto es que esta pacientita la operamos y cuando le íbamos a hacer la valoración a los tres meses para revisar que todo esté bien y poder iniciar un proceso de tratamiento de fecundación in vitro, cuando vinieron en mayo, ya tenían un embarazo de seis semanas.

Spontaneous pregnancy

The recovery was very fast, in two months you were discharged permanently and then we came to visit them because… – We got pregnant in May, that is, it was super fast, I don’t think he even expected it so soon.

The sweet wait here, from Surem, who was born here yesterday and the truth is that we are very happy with the treatment of the doctors, they are a truly exceptional team and we are going to be completely grateful to them… Well, for help us find that dream of adding a new member to our family. We always told the people we know that we went to have the Jahzeel operation and after the Jahzeel operation we were immediately going to start a fertilization treatment, because there was not much hope that it would be spontaneous and in fact Not even Jahzeel believed she was pregnant in the first weeks she argued and she always didn’t, until she took the test, even with the positive test she sent for another test, because she didn’t believe the first test. – Yes, because it was very fast, everything was very unexpected and very surprising. – So in that sense we thought of continuing the fertility treatment with them, that’s why we also decided to follow all the pregnancy monitoring with them and it has been super professional care and… I feel like they are very attentive and very precise in what what we need, we don’t know anything, we had never been parents, etc. and we have felt very calm at each stage, let’s say from the beginning and then to the end, even before Surem was born, that is, every time we went they had our studios there, with great willingness, many times we arrived late and they attended to us… – Yes, they have excellent care, Dr. Monsalve, well also the anesthesiologist team, – The nutritionist. The nutritionist also because during the pregnancy there was a moment in which I lost weight and well that was not so good, I have always been very thin, but the first months I started to gain a lot of weight and good with the The nutritionist’s attention helped me a lot. The anesthesiologist has wonderful hands because she doesn’t feel anything, and well, nothing, we are very happy.

“They became pregnant spontaneously after surgery, sometimes they ask me if that is dangerous, the truth is that with good obstetric control there is no risk. It is important to wait, but in this patient, due to her age, I think it came quite a long time. Well, they got pregnant spontaneously, they no longer had to undergo treatment and their entire pregnancy was very well achieved, very well managed, monitored, obviously we performed a cesarean section, Surem was just born. We deal with infertility problems, we do assisted reproduction treatments, we perform complex surgeries for fibroids or benign tumors and we also have completely rigorous obstetric control to have a dream come true at home.”
Dr. Arturo Valdés
Dr. Arturo Valdés
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