Assisted reproduction: Price vs Value

Nowadays, with so much technology and possibilities of commercial exchange, the price of goods and services is a determining factor at the moment of their acquisition, understanding it as something that people pay or would pay for it.

If we talk about the value of that good or service, we are referring to something different, since each person assigns different attributes to a product or service. The price is fixed, the value is not; It depends on what it contributes to each person, for example, if I have a watch that a very appreciated close relative gave me, it acquires a very high value in contrast to its commercial price that for another person would not even come close to the value it has for my.

In the case of the “quality-price” relationship, we only have a subjective perception or estimate to which we do not usually associate a number, so its relationship with the price remains unquantified. However, it allows us to make decisions as consumers or customers when deciding on your purchase or preference.

Definitely, the perceptions that the good or service transmits to us are the measurement instruments used, always qualified by experience and all kinds of external influences, here we should mention attention, trust, after-sales service, references and customer comments. satisfied.

When a good or service seems cheap to us, the overall perception is positive and when it is expensive, the opposite. When the acquisition of a service is necessary, we would feel a certain indifference or equilibrium position with respect to the price, so the perception would not influence.

Price, value and quality are linked to customer perceptions when a highly intangible and highly complex service is offered. Such is the case in all medical services. In fertility treatments due to the specialization that is required within the monitoring process and precision of knowledge by specialist doctors, the value is determined by the confidence in the solution presented for the achievement of the dream of couples.

“That is why it is important to choose Creafam as a center specialized in assisted reproduction. The quality of the service provides us with that value, with the assurance that we are in the hands of the best-trained professionals, with the most experience in their field, who have the technology of the highest level and the warmth of the staff that will make the dream of being parents a reality”
Dr. Arturo Valdés
Dr. Arturo Valdés
Reproductive Medicine and Gynecological Endocrinology
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