The first fertility consultation

Dr. Liliana de la Rosa, a specialist in Reproductive Medicine at Creafam, explains some key points to make the most of your first fertility consultation, whether individually or as a couple.

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The first visit to an assisted reproduction center always has a very special value, not only because of the personal step that we are going to take but because of the expectations that we place on it, therefore, I am going to explain to you in advance what you have to do. Take infertility into account before going to your first visit so that you have the best performance in that consultation.

The first assisted reproduction visit should be attended by couples who wish to have a child after having tried for a year with regular sexual relations without using any contraceptive method, or by some women who wish to become pregnant and who do not have a current partner. We can both attend to them, receive them, and laboratory or office studies will be requested first. If you do not have any studies performed here, we can perform them in our facilities. If you already have studies performed, you can bring them with confidence that we can evaluate them. and plan a better treatment for you. In this first visit, we will start with a medical history, which includes hereditary-family history, medical history, any illness you have, if you have previous surgeries, if you have an allergy to any medication, your medical history. gynecobstetrics that are very important to us, such as the first menstruation, at what age you had it, what your cycles are like, if there is pain during menstruation.

Your latest studies, both mammography, breast ultrasound or cervical-vaginal cytology studies such as the Pap smear. In the case of your partner, we will also take a medical history based on his or her family history, medical history, allergies, surgeries, trauma, transfusions that have been performed. If a study has already been done, we will also evaluate all of this to be able to gather as much information as possible. We are also going to ask them about their lifestyles; smoking, alcoholism and even the professional activity you carry out since in some activities there is also a greater risk of having infertility, so all of this will be collected and we will be able to diagnose the problem that both of you have.

Ultrasound and studies

To get a greater benefit on your first visit, you can come with 3 to 5 days of abstinence in the case of men, to be able to do your seminogram study in case you don’t have it. After the medical history, we will move on to an evaluation. gynecological, for this it is not important if you come with your first days of your period or if you come without menstruation, we are going to do a breast examination and later a vaginal ultrasound where we are going to gather even more information for your diagnosis, therefore, It doesn’t matter if you come with your period or without your period.

Only in case you want to do some study, for example a pap smear, because if we ask you to come after your menstruation or if you are also going to do one-time serology or hormonal profile studies, then it is important that you come during menstruation . In this gynecological examination we are going to first see your breast examination, that everything is perfect, that you do not have any tumor, any adenomegaly, any abnormal nipple discharge, and in the vaginal ultrasound we are going to observe your ovarian reserve, which is very important for us. : How many follicles there are in each ovary, their location, size, volume.

We are also going to evaluate your uterine cavity where we are going to find your endometrium, which is very important for us, we are going to observe that you do not have any problems with polyps, fibroids or any other defect that could also be causing an infertility disorder. All this data will be gathered for your medical history and a better diagnosis can be given.

Additional questions

In this first visit to get better performance, you can ask us any questions you have, from your fertile days, from how long your menstruation normally lasts, when your cycles are no longer regular, when you can have intercourse to get pregnant, in In the case of men, if you have any doubts about the consistency, volume, or ejaculate, we can also gladly clarify those doubts since all this has a lot to do with fertility treatments.

I recommend that you bring a list with the doubts you have so that we can clarify them, from the preparation of the treatment, at what time of the month you can start it, how feasible it is to start it in a month when you are not under a lot of work stress, all these doubts are important Please let us know so we can plan exactly the time and month in which we can obtain the best results for you. It is very important to keep in mind that each couple is individual, we cannot go online and search for our problem to know what treatment to start, my advice as a professional is that you go to a reproduction center and based on your studies The best treatment is planned for you, for example there are many users who use ovarian stimulation treatments without even knowing if they have tubal patency.

It is useless for users to take ovarian stimulation treatments without knowing through a study called hysterosalpingography if there is tubal patency, therefore, they may be repeating the stimulation treatments for months and months and months and they will continue the same without see results, therefore I invite you to go to an assisted reproduction center in this case Creafam, so that we can take you by the hand regarding all the doubts you have, regarding the studies that must be requested to raise your best treatment.

“The first step to achieving a dream come true is having the correct diagnosis”

Dra. Liliana de la Rosa Pérez
Dra. Liliana de la Rosa Pérez
Gynecology and Obstetrics

Reproductive Medicine Specialist
Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

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