Fertility research

As an institution whose purpose is to support our patients in their process of achieving the goal of being families, we take constant updating on the different aspects of Assisted Reproduction very seriously.

Our doctors and biologists regularly attend national and international conferences in order to continue their training and updating in new technologies. Every year they carry out research and papers to be presented at some of these congresses. The goal is to support other colleagues in their own training process, while delving deeper every day into all areas of fertility that require experimentation for verification, or research to delve into little-explored or recent areas.

Among the works that our specialists have presented in the last two years we find:

  • Usefulness of hysteroscopy in Assisted Reproduction.

  • Impact on the gestational result of IVF according to their age groups.

  • Clinical utility of assisted hatching in devitrified blastocysts. IVF lab results.

  • PICSI evaluation and clinical utility in the IVF laboratory.

  • Distribution of the frequency of DNA fragmentation and sperm FISH with the clinical diagnosis.

  • Clinical utility of preimplantation genetic diagnosis. IVF lab results.

This year we will attend the Congress of the Mexican Association of Reproductive Medicine with four posters resulting from the research of the last year of work, whose titles are:

  • Usefulness of hysteroscopy in sterility of unknown origin.

  • Reproductive impact of altered sperm FISH.

  • Reproductive impact of altered sperm FISH.

  • Oocyte accumulation in low responders.

Thanks to these, and many other investigations that our team carries out seriously and enthusiastically each year, we offer our patients a greater range of options in the face of each difficulty and more precise diagnoses at each visit.

“Take care of your health, take care of your body and always consult your specialist”

Biol. Luis Machorro
Biol. Luis Machorro
Andrology Laboratory
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