Removal of a 4 kilo fibroid

They wanted to remove her uterus and gave her only a 30% chance of success. He went to Creafam and discovered the big difference by consulting with fertility experts: he saved his uterus.

Dr. Arturo Valdés shares with us a little about this myomectomy to remove the largest myoma we have ever had and in an extremely complicated area, surrounded by the ovarian and uterine arteries, within the ligaments of the womb.

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Good afternoon. We are going to have a talk now about the largest fibroid we have ever removed, it seems like a movie topic, but we had already had surgeries weighing 2 kilos 850g, one of 3 kilos, a uterus with the fibroid weighing 3 kilos 900g… But this fibroid is the largest we have ever removed: 4 kilos, it didn’t bleed that much but the particular thing about this fibroid in addition to the size and weight was that the anatomy was intraligamentary, so let’s talk about these cases #SaberEsPower remember Creafam is with you .

She is a 45-year-old patient who, upon seeing one of the videos we uploaded, has already had a tumor weighing 2 kilos 800g, I believe, for a year. From that point on, she began to investigate. She was already about four or five years old and had diagnosed with a giant fibroid, but it scared him, from Oaxaca. She had gone to several doctors in Oaxaca, including some doctors we knew, and they had mentioned that they were going to remove her uterus and they only gave her a 30% chance of preserving the uterus. However, when I checked her, this patient did. It was a fibroid because it was too large, it reached almost to the costal region, but the only thing this patient reported was discomfort and a little fatigue and yet, as we also presented in the previous video, she had polycythemia, that is, she had more high hemoglobin, a lot of red blood cells, which was a very big point for her. Why? Because if she had any bleeding, it was not going to harm her hemodynamically so much at the time of surgery.

This fibroid was intraligamentary. What does that mean? We have mentioned that the uterus is like our thorax, the tubes are like our arms and they are holding the ovaries as if it were a ball, but in front and behind it is supported by a wide ligament that is like a sheet, which is called the serosa, or we call it the mesosalpinx, then in the middle of the anterior and posterior sheet, below the tube and next to the side of the uterus, that is, near the uterine vessels, was the fibroid. To give you an idea, you are going to see it. This patient did bleed more or less 1 liter 100 ml. Because? Because it was full of blood vessels, but the tumor only weighed four kilos, so it is very important to have prior knowledge. She had a CT scan, then we will also show some images.

Tomography scans are basic, essential, fundamental to differentiate where the uterus is and where the fibroid is, mainly the anatomy, but this patient because the main risk was bleeding rather than removing the uterus because the fibroid was not in the uterus. intraligamentary, these types of fibroids are very rare, they are fortunately infrequent but when they occur, the diagnosis is not so early. It is true that this type of tumors are very vascular because they are in an area where they are… Right now we had a talk , all the blood vessels, both the uterovarian artery, the ovarian artery, the uterine tubal artery, the uterine artery, and the vesical or vaginal arteries.

So, this fibroid was full of blood vessels, in fact when we gave it vasopressin we practically did not do much, I also forgot to mention, this patient had a defect in the left branch of the heart of one of the arteries, she had a heart defect at the same time. do the preoperative assessment and then we could not inject the vasopressin at the standard doses that we normally do, we had to make it a little lower so that it would not have those important vasoconstrictive effects and not harm his heart rate.

Myomatosis or surgery for a 4-kilo fibroid

Good afternoon, again another fibroid surgery, this is a giant fibroid, very similar to one that we gained from 2 kilos 800g. It really measures about 25 cm. in length, it reaches slightly below the liver area. It is very solid but then I will show you how it is in the axial tomography, let’s start. A mid- and supra-umbilical incision will be made in this case to have more surgical space. Well, let’s start the surgery, we are doing an infiltration.

See, it is a huge tumor, it seems to be on the right side, intra ligamentous, because what we have here is surely the round ligament on the right side. We have to take the vasopressin very carefully with this patient, because she also has a branch block in the pre-anesthetic evaluation? – Left – Doctor, very good then we are going to go slowly, it is a long surgery and the only risk is to monitor what are the dynamic and cardiac issues rather than the surgical process here.

We are going to weigh the tumor, we are about to close the skin,  but we wanted to show you. It is practically a 35 cm fibroid.
or 40. But look at everything it takes up. In terms of weight, I think that if it is three and a half kilos, calmly, right now we are going to weigh it and show it to you… It weighs 4 kilos.


So, that is why the importance, the importance of a second opinion, of going to experts like us here at Creafam for issues of fibroids and other various infertility issues and third, the pre-anesthetic evaluation with an electrocardiogram, a tomography and a consultation with the anesthesiologist are essential, especially in patients over 40 years of age or who have anemia or who have had previous surgeries.

So please visit our pages, we continue to do a lot of virtual consultations, the truth is that we have had an excellent response but you can also come to the clinic, make an in-person appointment. From a consultation to when we do a surgery, sometimes it takes us a maximum of two weeks to schedule the surgery, or longer if the patient does not have an urgency or an emergency and, above all, also for you to plan the timing of it.

But you should know that here at Creafam we can provide a solution to all your fibroid problems, whether medium, small, single, multiple, anterior, fundic, intramural, subserosal… All of the ones we have mentioned in other talks. So I invite you to go to our page, make an appointment and we will wait for you here at Creafam.

“Despite being the largest fibroid we have removed, it did not actually affect the inside of the uterus, but since it was intraligamentary it was surrounded by many blood vessels, that was the real risk”

Dr. Arturo Valdés
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